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Painting of bee on monarda. (thumb) Microcosm

Painting of fire. Fire, Water, Ice and Snow Painting of boy swimming underwater. (thumb) Swimmers--Dark Water Painting of girl swimming underwater. (thumb) Swimmers--Blue Water Painting of Newfoundland coastline with small figure.(thumb) Newfoundland's Coastline Painting of skater with hockey stick on white ice. (thumb) Paintings of Skaters on White Ice Painting of ice skater on black ice. (thumb) Paintings of Skaters on a Frozen Lake Painting of people playing shinny or pond hockey on northern lake. Pond Hockey Paintings Painting of Lake Ontario beach. Two people with boogie boards. (thumb) Paintings of Beaches and Dunes Painting of Canadian Shield rock with three figures. (thumb) Paintings of Canadian Shield Painting of football game in snow. (thumb) Urban and Rural Landscapes Portrait of a young woman.   Portrait Paintings    . Google earth painting, Toronto Islands. Paintings of Google Earth Painting of child in landscape.(thumb) Paintings of a Child in a Landscape Painting of rough water. (thumb) Paintings of Waves and Water Painting of forest burning. (thumb) Paintings of Forest Fires Painting of naked man running over rocks. Paintings of a Man Running Painting of a naked man jumping.(thumb) Paintings of a Man Jumping Painting of diver. (thumb) Paintings of a Man Diving Painting of swimmer. (thumb) Paintings of a Man Swimming Painting, Self-Portrait with American Soldier. (thumb) Self Portraits in Altered Terrain Painting of hunter with longbow and arrows. (thumb) Paintings of Bow Hunters